Nicole & Brian’s Wedding Photography

06.09.12… an appropriate wedding date for two beavers! Yes, you heard me correctly… beavers! An intricate part of their marriage counseling involved the study of personality types. One is either an otter, a lion, a golden retriever, or, in the case of both Brian and Nicole, a beaver! Beavers are analytical, self-disciplined, and organized. And in the words of Nicole, they are also goofy, hardworking, and nerdy! So when they were talking about wedding dates, June 9, 2012 seemed like a no-brainer simply because the numbers were cool! But the hot and humid month of June also holds a special place in their hearts. In June of 2008, Nicole finally agreed to give Brian a chance. And now, 4 years later, I know she could not be happier with her decision! And my guess is that Brian is pretty happy, too :).

Their relationship has definitely stood the test of time… and even more than that, distance. Much of their relationship was spent 4 hours apart because Brian was studying to be an engineer in Cookeville and Nicole was studying biology in Martin. They got to see each other on school holidays, and that was pretty much it. The internet became their best friend! Many people doubted their relationship because of the distance, but who could truly understand their love but themselves? I know the distance was no easy test, but it proves without a doubt their love is tried and true. The wedding day was phenomenal.

Their ceremony was done by Nicole’s campus minister, Brian Stephens, which made it extra special. Everyone was laughing and crying, and could honestly feel the love between Brian and Nicole. During the reception, Nicole’s Sigma Alpha Iota sisters from college surrounded her with the most beautiful singing of their chorale and benediction; one of the most beautiful wedding reception traditions I have ever seen.

After the cake, bouquet toss, and garter toss, it was time to say goodbye. But it was most certainly not the end… only the beginning of happily ever after! Congratulations to Brian and Nicole! I wish them a lifetime of happiness! Thank you so much for letting Josh Bennett Photography be such an intricate part of your special day!