We take on a cinematic approach to wedding videos. That is important to know when looking for a videographer. So if you don’t know the difference in Traditional Video and Cinematic here is a short summery:

Cinematographers in the wedding industry are like the Directors in the Film Industry. They are suppose to shoot with 1 goal in mind, to tell a great story from beginning to end. They are suppose to create an intro, a climax, and then a resolution just like any movie you see. The final product looks like a movie that not only you would want to watch but anyone, over and over. That is why you feel emotions watching our videos of couples you don’t know. Wedding cinematographers will get a lot of different angles and use a lot of different audio sources such as your maid of honor speech, vows, and toasts.

Traditional videographers for weddings is usually shooting continuously. There’s not much creativity involved. Usually they follow the couple around and film everything that’s being done from their perspective. There’s no storytelling involved and nothing would done in the edit that would give you those emotions you would get from a Cinematic Wedding. It is cheaper because there is less creativity and work during shooting and editing.




  • 10 hours of wedding day coverage
  • HD video files to future proof your wedding
  • A highlights film
  • 10% off when combined with a photo package




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We shoot every wedding with two videographers. They each have well defined roles during your wedding day and are responsible for getting certain shots to make your wedding film.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but the signs point to all of us getting away from DVD disks, even Blu-Ray in the near future. A lot of our couples in the past have choose to “future-proof” their wedding film by getting HD files so I decided it should come standard. On your thumb drive sits your HD video files of your highlights movie, ceremony, first dances and toasts as well as any other special moments included in your collection. The videos are not only in full HD but we also include “mobile” ready files so you can quickly and easily import your video to itunes/ipad/iphone as well as upload your video online! If you must have a DVD we do have them as an add-on option.

We have shot in the darkest of dark chapels and reception halls so no need to worry! If the situation allows, we will set up additional lighting during your reception ensure I get bright crisp video. This is where hiring a true professional comes handy.

Getting great audio on your wedding day is super important to us since we use that audio to narrate your wedding film. Since wireless systems have been known to glitch we use small audio recorders attached to a lavaliere mic to capture your wedding ceremony and speeches. We typically mic the groom, officiant, and plug in to the audio board as a backup during your ceremony. During the toasts we plug in to the Dj’s audio board and also put a lavaliere mic on the person giving the toast.

Photographer Josh Bennett


I have been a photographer since 2007 (10 years!) and I love it. Photography is an addiction for me. I enjoy wedding photography because it allows me to meet amazing people and tell their wedding story one photo at a time. I am very laid back and calm usually. I connect well with people who don’t like to be in front of the camera so I am able to get them comfortable and excited. I sympathize with them because I don’t like being in front of the camera either, which is why I became a photographer (just kidding). I usually end up being more than a photographer at weddings. I am more of a planner, director, advisor, problem solver, AND photographer. There is no better feeling than knowing I made someones wedding day better and stress free.