I enjoyed shooting Grace Ann’s bridal session at the Scarritt Bennett! Keeping these images private was torture before Grace Ann and Adams wedding day. I have been wanting to share these the second I pressed my shutter button.

Grace Ann was a natural posing for her bridal photos. The weeks leading up to her bridal session Grace Ann pinned many photos on her Pinterest page and shared her ideas with me.  I really liked the traditional elegant poses she pinned. I think the results are beyond amazing. Grace Ann’s bridal session was at the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville. This is also the venue that they had their wedding ceremony. I have shot at the Scarritt Bennett a few times before and Grace Ann’s bridal portraits are my favorite there.

We started taking photos in the beautiful Wightman Chapel in front of the big stained glass windows on the balcony. It was pretty hot up in the balcony but we got a few great shots up there. My favorite is the one with her dress train hanging over the edge of the balcony. We then took a few more shots in the wedding chapel area. There is a lot of great architecture I wanted to highlight in her photos inside the venue.

Around magic hour (1 hour before sun down) we went outside of Scarritt Bennett and took a lot of photos in the amazing light. Grace Ann was great and was a natural at posing. Below are a few shots from her bridal session. Let me know what you think!

The Scarritt Bennett Center is a great location for anyone wanting beautiful bridal portraits in Nashville.

Having a bridal session is a great way to get some great photos of you in your wedding dress in a more relaxed environment. If you are thinking about getting some photos in your wedding dress contact me on the inquire page! I have photographed many brides in many different style wedding dresses. From modern wedding dresses to traditional wedding dresses I know how to pose you to capture you and your dress in the best light.


Scarritt Bennett Center Bridal Photo Nashville