We had a blast with our friend Nicole Gunter, the bride formally known as Nicole Leonard, in downtown Nashville taking her bridal pictures. She originally wanted to have them taken out in the country but an opportunity came up to meet downtown so we went for it. The photos turned out great and taking them was an adventure.

Nashville Parthenon

We started taking these at the parthenon in Nashville. I have taken a few bridal photos at the parthenon and they always turn out beautiful. Some of my favorite pictures have been taken at the parthenon!

Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

We then went downtown Nashville to the pedestrian bridge.  We wanted to get the Nashville skyline in her bridal pictures and they turned out amazing. We found a hill near the Titans football stadium (LP Field) to get good bridal pictures with the city skyline.

Wedding Dress

Her wedding dress was perfect for these photos. I like the style of her wedding dress! My wife Jamie had to help her with her wedding dress as we moved from location to location. We didn’t want to get her wedding dress dirty before her big day after all! The wind started blowing toward the end of the shoot so her wedding dress was blowing to the side which made for some great traditional bridal pictures!

The pedestrian bridge bridal photos turned out wonderful as well. I had time to do a few bridal photos using some creative lighting. I really like the lighting on the photos! It made the background of her shots look really nice!

We just shot her wedding today so expect some wedding photos soon! Until then here are a few of her Nashville bridal pictures. Let us know what you think of her Nashville bridal pictures. We had a lot of fun with Nicole taking her photos and I can’t wait to share some photos from her wedding day.

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By: Josh Bennett Local Nashville Bridal Photographer

Nashville Bridal Photographer