Kerrie and Justin are an amazing couple. When I say amazing I mean AMAZING! They have been dating for a long long long time!  You can imaging how honored I feel that I get to photograph their wedding and also the engagement and bridal sessions as well! :)

This shoot almost didn’t happen. Since Justin works out of town we were limited on our options to take their engagement photo’s. Then the first date we picked had to be cancelled because of a high wind advisory. We ended up shooting the last possible day before Justin had to leave town before the wedding. We had to shoot midday (due to my schedule) in the windy weather but they pulled it off wonderfully.

We started off taking their photos by a old stone wall. It looks like there was once a building there but it was torn down. It was a perfect spot to start off their session. Since this was mid day it was hard to not be in direct sun which is bad for photos. We got lucky and the awesome wall was casting just enough of a shadow for us to take pictures there.

I eventually ran out of poses for them to do in front of the wall so we started walking downtown Dickson. We found a few old shops and took some photos in front of those. There is also an alley way that we explored and took a few engagement pictures in. I really enjoyed walking around and getting to know them. It was a fun engagement session and I can not wait to shoot their wedding photos soon!

Here are their wonderful engagement photo’s. Be sure to show them some love for being champs in the comments below.


Dickson Engagement Photographer 2 Dickson Engagement Photographer 1 Dickson Engagement Photographer 3 Dickson Engagement Photographer 5 Dickson Engagement Photographer 4 Dickson Engagement Photographer 6