Have you ever had a client take all their session photos and load them on facebook without giving you credit? It has happened to me a few times and I missed a great opportunity to gain more clients and exposure. In this Lightroom tips blog I will show you how to add your contact information to each photo so when they are uploaded it will have your information in the description section on facebook under each photo. It is super simple!

Open up Lightroom and go to the Library tab.

Then go over to Metadata and click “Edit Presets”.


Create a custom preset and fill out the following tabs with what you want to show up on facebook.

Under IPTC Copyright:
The “Copyright” box is what will show up on facebook under the image in the description. I have “By Josh Bennett Photography – www.josh-bennett.com”. You can put what ever text you want here and it will show up on facebook.


Save the preset by giving it a name. Then return to the library tab.

Apply the preset to all the photos:

Select all the photos that you want to add this information to while in the library tab. Then go back over to the “Metadata” drop down menu and select the preset you just created. I named mine “Weddings” because I have a separate website for weddings and families.


Once you click your preset a pop-up will appear asking you what you want to do. Click  “All Selected” and it will apply this new information to all the photos you selected.

When you export your photos for your clients make sure to include the Metadata in the export. I usually make sure it says “All” under the Metadata section.



Now when you or your clients upload their photos it should show your information below it!


facebook example

NOTE: This information will not show up if they alter the photo in another photo editor that strips the metadata. You client could also delete the description once they have it on facebook but I have noticed most of my clients keep it there.

If you love this tip let me know below!