Amazing Wedding at The Walters Barn in Lula, Georgia

How great was Laura and Chads wedding!?!?!? I was honored to be a part of their wedding day. Their wedding was in Lula, GA at a wonderful venue called The Walters Barn.

Laura and Chad found me on Instagram and let me know how much they loved my photos I share. Although I am located in Nashville, TN and they were from Georgia they really wanted me to be their photographer. We made it happen and I am glad to share some of their wedding photos below.

My time spent with them started on the Friday before their wedding day. My assistant and I drove down to come meet everyone and check out their wedding venue during the rehearsal. I always go to rehearsals to meet the wedding party and to be there to answer any questions. A lot of times there are questions about the schedule and such. It is just nice to meet everyone before the big day too.

Before the rehearsal we walked around the venue and checked out a few photo location for the bride and groom. We also found a great spot to take the bridal party photos. I always look for shade especially when I know it is going to be super hot out. When I am location scouting I always look up what other photographers have done at that venue and try to do something a little different. I want my clients wedding photos to be unique.

On their wedding day it was super hot out. That really hot Georgia weather kept us inside most of the day. We would go outside and take a few photos but then go back in to let everyone have a break. We did get a lot of amazing shots. I picked a few to share below.

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