Lovely Alabama Engagement Photos

I enjoyed shooting Laura and Chad’s engagement session down in Alabama a couple of weeks ago! They were really fun and I learned Chad is a big Alabama fan since we listened to the game while driving around to different locations. I knew if he was going to smile in the photos by how the game was going. Laura was able to make one of my photo bucket list shots come true by wanting a campfire shot. I really enjoyed taking these Alabama engagement photos.

Before their session I asked them a few questions about their relationship to get to know them. Here are a few of their answers.

When did you two know it was meant to be?
Chad knew it was meant to be when he was away in the police academy in Alabama. He says that he missed being with me and that he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life.

I knew I wanted to be with Chad when he helped me through my decision to change jobs. He was so focused on what was best for me and made me feel comfortable that he would go anywhere needed for us to be together.

What should I know about you two as a couple?
We’re not corny people. We’re really sarcastic and have pretty dry senses of humor. We love to watch Alabama football and we are both very competitive.

Please name at least one thing (or more!) you love about your future spouse!
I love his smile. And the way that he looks at me. He loves my laugh.

How do you like to spend your free time, both together and as individuals?
Chad is a big duck hunter and likes to go shooting. Laura enjoys sleeping (lazy) and likes to play sports. Together, we’ve coached 10U softball together and like to watch movies. We enjoy spending time together with our dog, Timber.

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