From time to time you will have to shoot in the hot summer or cold winter and naturally your clients cheeks will turn red. This really stinks because you can’t always stop the shoot till the redness goes away. At weddings you are shooting on a pretty strict timetable and there is not much room in your timeline to take a break and wait it out. So there is the old saying we will “Fix it in post” and move on. So how do we fix red skin in adobe Lightroom?

My first thought with fixing red skin was to just turn down the saturation in the red channel. This didn’t work out because it changes everything red in the picture and I only need to tone down the red cheeks and nothing else. So I then ventured over to the awesome brush tool in Lightroom. There isn’t an option to just desaturate reds using the brush (at least not in LR 5) which is a bummer. However by using basic color theory we can create a brush that will remove redness. It is super easy and I wish I had thought of this sooner.

1) Select your bush using the tint effect.

2) Change the tint to around -12. It will be different depending on how bad the redness is. The basic point is in order to remove the redness we need to add green.

Light Room Tint Tool


3) Use the brush on the problem areas. Some spots also may be more red than others so you may have to make more than one brush in Lightroom. On this photo I had to make 3 brushes with different tint levels to get it just right. Also be careful around non-problem areas such as the eyes, teeth, and hair.

Problem Area Lightroom

4) Thats it! Now you clients will be supper happy that their cheeks are not red in their photos despite it being really hot or cold they day of the shoot!

Here is the before (Wayne’s ear had it the worst):





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