Summer & Wayne were awesome during their engagement photo session. They kept us entertained the whole time. Saying they nailed their session is an understatement! I may be a little bias but I LOVE their engagement photos. I am also glad they want me to be their Nashville wedding photographer!

The Corners on the River

It was a long ride to their engagement session but it was totally worth it. They wanted to have their engagement pictures taken at their wedding venue: The Corners on the River in Readyville, TN. It is about an hour away from where I am located in Fairview. This gave me plenty of time to jam to some of my favorite music on the way.  I have never shot at The Corners on the River but I have shot a wedding at Old Spencer Mill which is right down the road from them. During their engagement session Summer mentioned that the same owners own them both so we can shoot at both locations if we want.

I arrived about 20 minuets early and checked out the venue. I was a bit overwhelmed because there were so many great spots to take photos. I always ask myself “What is the obvious shot a photographer would take?” and then I think of something different and more creative. Sometimes this method works for me when I have time to plan shots ahead of time. It was hot outside so I planned where I wanted to take their photos before they arrived.

The Engagement Session

Summer & Wayne arrived right on time and had many outfits and props for the engagement session. We went over what they should wear and got right to it. Nicole was very helpful on this shoot and carried the reflector, gear, and props around. I started off taking natural light photos meaning I didn’t use a flash to add false light. Our warm up shots were taken by a shed near the entrance. I found a bush I could shoot through before they arrived and decided it would be neat to have them kiss from that angle. I used a technique called “framing” which brings the focus on the subject.


Props for save the dates

We then moved toward the bank of the river and took a few photos. This is when we started incorporating different props they brought. I like when my clients bring props because it adds more to the photos by giving them something to do with their hands (makes me think of Anchor Man). It also helps them feel more comfortable in front of the camera sometimes. I knew they wanted some photos for their save the dates so we took a few photos with a chalkboard with their date on it. I took a lot of different shots with it to make sure we have a great one for the save the dates. Afterwards I had summer change into her blue dress and we moved down to the river. The lighting was perfect so we took quite a few shots there. They ordered a canvas print that turned out great that was taken by the river. At this point we had plenty of photos for them to choose from so I asked if they wanted to take a few more with some cool lighting. I was glad they were not tired of taking photos yet and were down for it.


In new lighting

While we set up the lighting gear in the field behind the venue I had them go cool off inside. They both also changed into another outfit. The strobe lighting makes the photos look very dramatic. The sky gets darker and more colorful as well. I only bring out this lighting when I know we have plenty of time and already nailed a lot of good shots. Using the strobe is one of my favorite because it’s different and neat. Most photographers use strobes inside but I want my photos to be different so I bring it to sessions with a battery pack. We took a few poses in the field and fought off many bugs. This is when I found out Wayne also doesn’t like spiders. I let him know I would be the first out of the field if I saw one.

We took the last few photos of their engagement session across the road in front of a corn field. I actually had to stand in the road to avoid getting power lines in the shot. Nicole was holding the strobe on a stand which has a 5 ft umbrella on it so it is pretty big. I am sure people driving by probably thought we were investigating crop circles or something. I know we looked a little out of place in this country town. In fact, while I was waiting on Summer and Wayne to arrive a guy in an old loud truck pulled up and asked me if he could go fishing in the river with his boy.

It was completely dark out by the time we ended the session. I get in the zone when my models are giving me some good poses and are down for anything. We didn’t have time to go to Old Spencer Mill but I totally would if it wasn’t dark out. I guess I will save that for the wedding day if it is available. Overall it was a very fun shoot and I am excited to be their wedding photographer!

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