Martin, TN Engagement Session

I enjoyed shooting this engagement session in Martin, TN. West Tennessee is a great area full of character perfect for Emily and Justin’s engagement session. We shot most of Justin and Emily’s engagement session downtown Martin. Then we explored some neat location not far from their house. If you want to see their wedding photos in Martin, TN I have preview on my blog.

Get to know Emily and Justin:

Give it to me–how did you meet? When did you two know it was meant to be?

We were set up by a mutual friend. We met for dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Greenfield last January. We initially started talking playing trivia crack. Emily turned down the first date request of lunch for a ‘Dr’s appointment’, and instead settled on dinner later on….

Emily – Was it when he took me on a Walmart bingo/scavenger hunt on our third date? Was it when he took me to an arcade and gave me all the tokens I wanted and said I could play all the ski ball I wanted? Or was it when he sent me flowers when I was sick? It could have been any of these times but it wasn’t. I knew he was the one the day I realized I wasn’t complete without me. He really is my other half and I have no doubt that we were meant to be together.

Justin – It wasn’t one thing that let me know it was several. Emily is extremely caring and wants to know how I am and take care of me. She is very kind and loving to all her friends and family. She always makes me smile and wants to know how my day was. I don’t know the exact time, but I did realize, she makes each day better and I wanted her around for all the rest of mine.

What was the first thing each of you thought when you met your future spouse?
Emily- he is out of my league.
Justin- she is out of my league.

What should I know about you two as a couple?
We are pretty awesome, but have a tendency to be a bit mushy. We are a very good team. And all our friends wished to be as cool as us (kidding). We’re both the middle child and both very easy going which is why we think we make a good team.

Please name at least one thing (or more!) you love about your future spouse!
Emily- I love how Justin is so genuinely kind. It could be my favorite thing about him. I love his unwavering faith in God to take care of us always. He is very dedicated to his family. Also, his awesome hair, sense of humor and his laugh are all very lovable. We’re so mush.

Justin – I absolutely love Emily’s kind and loving spirit. She is always more concerned about everyone else. She is a very faithful Christian woman, and helps support my faith. She also has the absolute prettiest eyes I have seen. Although I still don’t know what color they are, so I just say pretty.