I had a great afternoon taking Mary Beth and Andy’s wedding photos at Cheekwood Estate. The weather was hot but we were still able to get a lot of great wedding photos around Cheekwood. The wedding ceremony took place in one of Cheekwoods beautiful gardens. The wedding was around 15 minutes long but by the time it was over we were all soaked from this Tennessee summer heat.

I was very happy to be Andy and Mary Beths wedding photographer. This was a last second wedding for me since Mary Beth called me only 3 days prior to when they wanted to do their elopement. I actually missed her first call and just got her voicemail about how she really wanted me to be her photographer and to give her a call back ASAP. When I called her back she was excited to hear that I was in fact available to shoot their wedding. I am a really big planner and need to know all the details before each wedding. So we decided to put together her wedding schedule and build a package that fits what they needed.

I love how all the wedding photos turned out. Here is a preview of their elopement at Cheekwood!