When I started photography the only thing I cared about was having fun and taking photos. Then after a while I knew I wanted to make photography my career. I had no idea where to start so I turned to reading. I found these books SUPER helpful while growing my business.

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Dave Ramsey is a self-made millionaire, educator, best selling author and has a hit radio/youtube show that is nation-wide. He is a also a financial expert which is why I recommend this book. If you do not have your finances in order, then becoming a full-time photographer can be even more of a risk than it should be.

With the tools that Dave teaches, my wife and I were able to become completely debt free, start our retirements, save for our home and have peace when it comes to money and finances.

Using Daves advice has also helped our marriage. Did you know that the number one cause of divorce in America is money fights and money problems? I care more about my marriage than anything else, so if you are married and struggling with finances and it is causing a strain on you, your family or your friends, then you must pick up this book! Everything that Dave teaches is simple common sense approaches to money. Things like spend less than you make, save, give and have fun with money. Dave has changed our lives and our family tree with what he has done.

Start with this book. It is the number one book to read if you own or want to start a small business of any kind. Michael Gerber addresses the myth that just because you are good at something (like photography) does not mean that you are an entrepreneur and shouldn’t qualify you to own a business. It will really open your eyes and have you asking yourself if you should be a business owner or an employee. Every year 1 million new small business open and within 10 years, 96% of all of them WILL fail. This book teaches you why and how to avoid becoming one of those statistics.