What happens we you run in to some of your favorite clients on vacation in Aspen Colorado? PHOTOSHOOT!  I shot Leslie and Taylor’s awesome wedding last year in Atlanta so I was thrilled when I found out they were going to be on vacation the same place and time we were. For me it is like the best vacation you can imagine. I got to be on vacation in a really cool place and also have models to take photos of at those really neat locations. So once I got there I sent them a text asking if they were down to hang out and take some photos one day. They were all for it so this happened:

We had a lot of fun! It started snowing pretty heavy about 20 minutes into our shoot so we had some snow flakes in the photos. We also had to watch our step because you would sink about 2-3 feet in snow which was funny actually. Although the visability on the mountain (Top of Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen) was limited that day we were able to get some pretty neat shots. I actually kind of like that the mountains in the background ended up being faint so the photos look more minimalistic. However the view when the weather isn’t cloudy/snowing is AMAZING. Leslie texted a picture of it a few days prior to our shoot. (See below)


I wish I had models on every vacation I go on so I can do a neat shoot like this. So if any of you guys are thinking about going to the beach soon and want to take me with you just know that my bags will be packed and ready.